A1 Heat Pump Clean Services

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We are pleased to bring you the servicing side of our operation which entails repairs,quotes install and performance test for domestic homes on most heat pumps carried out by a fully qualified heat pump installer/ electrician

Treat your heat pump to a Shield guard coating that will protect the top surface of your outside evaporator from:


  • UV damage (oxidation)
  • Green blackish slime
  • Stachybotrys mould
  • Lichen a damaging mould that causes etching in steel allowing for rust to enter.
  • Salt air


Also prevents scratching. and comes with a 5 year Manufactures warranty (unless application damaged )

Discount for Gold Card holders.

Discount for extra heat pumps (must be in the same building).

For prompt service:


Call our free phone number which diverts to my cell phone.

Because your call is important to us there is no charge. 0800 400 981


We do carry liability insurance cover.

Safe work procedures.

Risk Assessment Plan.